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Final Fantasy Dissidia

Ok i admit it...I didn't log on to the net yesterday because I just got my own copy this game from Square Enix. What the heck is Final Fantasy Dissidia all about?

Final Fantasy Dissidia is an action RPG/fighting game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation Portable as part of the campaign of the Final Fantasy series 20th anniversary. The game features characters from different Final Fantasy games and centers around a great conflict between the heroes and villains, as the god of discord, Chaos, tries to wrest control of their worlds from the forces of good. -Wikipedia

Why did I not log in yesterday? Because this game Final Fantasy Dissidia is probably the best game i have ever played for the PSP because of it's complex detailed graphics, adrenaline pumping pace, diverse storyline, and it's replayability could be endless ( it has many battle modes to choose from, not to mention online mode) in short, it kicks some a**!! My rating 5/5 stars!
Here are the list …

How to download saved games on your PSP Memory Stick

There's only one thing that comes into your mind...FINISH that godd*mn game! I know there is no "thrill" on this, because downloading saved games are other's personalized efforts but hey, this is effective on most action games in which you will not bother if that player's name is "zzz" or "garegjfbgkeghireg". On my previous post, I taught people on how to install a cheat program on your PSP, but today, I will tell you a "neat" substitute if you don't want to play the game normally or just save some precious time.

Of course the first step is by googling "name of the game" followed by "save psp" or "game save". Or just visit because many players upload their saved games there. Here is the screenshot on Gamefaqs

After clicking it will prompt you to save the zip file. To open the zip file, you need to download WinRar( or WinZip ( Extract to a temporary folder an…

Ipod Nano, taken for granted?

Is it? With today's countless temptations should I still include having Ipod on my gadget portfolio?
I have conducted a search using Google Trends and keyed in the strings "Ipod Nano" and "" respectively

Notice that "Ipod Nano" and "" had a steady decline of hits. Maybe the people are losing interest on having one or maybe it is taken for granted, who cares? Maybe sometimes you wonder and ask yourself? "Should i updgrade my old Ipod?" Or "Should I just stick with my Music Phone?" With today's global economic recession, should you still buy an Ipod?
Recently, my music phone just got wasted and being a music lover, I have decided to purchase a replacement. Instead of buying an expensive phone, i bought a cheap phone just for making calls/SMS and an Ipod, a Nano 4th Generation Monochromatic 8gb model for Php 8000. Why? because it just focuses on music, and if an item is made for that purpose, then it is so…

Hp Mini 1109

Hello again.... today i would like to talk about my netbook, the HP Mini 1109 (HP Mini 1100 series). It's been a month now since i bought this thing (July) and i want to share my experiences to you guys if you are planning to buy a netbook. First of all, I don't memorize the specs =) so I googled for it's detailed notes (source HP)

Stylishly designed for elegance on the go, the HP Mini-1109TU 10.1 inch Netbook is ultra-lightweight but with the storage flexibility of the HP Mini Mobile Drive. Featuring a near full-sized keyboard for ease of typing and a 10.1-inch screen for great visibility, the HP Mini gives you endless possibilities for connecting anywhere. Comes with a 1.60GHz Intel Atom Processor N270 and an 80GB hard drive.

Tech Specs

HP Mini-1109TU 10.1-inch Netbook
Processor: Intel Atom Processor N270 (1.60GHz, 512KB L2, 533Mhz FSB)
Chipset: Intel 945GSE + ICH7M, 533MHz FSB
Display: 10.1-inch Diagonal WSVGA HP Brightview Infinity Display (1024 x 600)
Hard Drive: 80GB (4200R…

Free for All

Hi! It's me again...I just want all of you guys to know that i am planning to make Digital Bauble a blog that will cover almost anything of interest... (hope that Digital Bauble will still retain it's futuristic appeal on it's name by associating technology on my forthcoming articles..) The reason why I am extending my topics to general is that after reading Jehzlau's blog ( , he gave me the idea of optimizing my blog to be more searchable in google, But of course the content would still be relevant.

How to download YouTube Videos


I'm wondering many of you already know how to do this. And many people find creative ways of doing so. What other tips do you know? post a comment so we can share information. But today, let me show you how I download YouTube videos in a flash, and save them in my / your portable device (PSP, iPod,Cellphone, etc)

Web based approach - Using

Keepvid has been around for quite some time now because of its ease of use. Just open your favorite youtube video, copy and paste the URL to Keepvid's main page, then click go. A prompt drop down box will prompt you to select a format. If you select .flv extension, it will be saved "as is" and you need an FLV player to play it. Just google and download an FLV player and you are all set. Moreover, an FLV file saves space and gives you a lot more room in your Hard disk to save more videos. Selecting an .mp4 extension gives Keepvid a command to "Auto-Convert" your files into a format that a simpl…

How to download using Torrent

Hello everyone, i just feel like writing today and i've decided to write about (arguably) one of the best thing that internet has to offer, which is called the BitTorrent or just plainly Torrent. I know that most of you already know how to use torrent but this guide is intended for noobs, not pro's (heh). And I believe i need to write about this because most of the posts here in my blog needs the knowledge of downloading torrents.

What is a Torrent ? -A torrent generally signifies a strong flow of something, especially fluids and particles, and in particular water or rain.(Wikipedia)

Whar is BitTorrent? - BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol used for distributing large amounts of data. BitTorrent is one of the most common protocols for transferring large files, and by Ipoque estimates it accounted for approximately 27-55% of all Internet traffic depending on geographical location as of February 2009 (Wikipedia)

What the Hell does Torrent give me? - For me, I use tor…

Convert AVI to MP4

If you have some AVI video files on your computer that you want to use with PSP, you can convert
it into smaller MP4 video files. To convert from AVI format to MP4 format you will need a video converter
namely the OJOSoft Total Video Converter. It is a very popular AVI to MP4 converter that you can find on
the CNET Download Center. It is easy to use and will quickly convert AVI to MP4.

Step 1
Get a video converter program. Download and install the OJOSoft Total Video Converter from the CNET Download Center
( It is free for a trial period but you will need to pay to keep it.

Step 2
Load the AVI files. Open up the OJOSoft Total Video Converter on your computer and select the AVI files that you want to
convert by locating the "Input File Name" box on the screen and clicking the "Browse" button to select your AVI files.
Step 3
Set MP4 output. Locate the "To MP4" button on the toolbar and click on it to set your output as MP4 file format.

Step 4

Play SNES using your PSP

Disclaimer : This information is for educational purposes only. DigitalBauble does not have any liability on the illegal usage of such.

Steps: 1.) download the emulator at this site 2.)extract the file using winRar or winZip. 3.)plug your PSP into your computer and copy the folder (from zip file) to PSP/Game or PSP/Game15o. (it depends on your firmware) 4.)Download your favorite games at these sites : 5.) Extract the roms as well if they are zipped and place it into the ROMS directory of the emulator itself. 6.)You might want to try other emulators on the first site i've cited and explore with many possibilities. Just post a comment if you need further advice.

How to speed up Internet Connection

How to speed up internet connection
Are you experiencing slow internet connection? Wanting to download that game / software you've always wanted? You are not alone because I personally have encountered this and as a result I searched the net for a solution, It's a simple tool called Download Accelerator Plus. It's about 10mb size but the download is worth the wait. It increases your download speeds up to 5x. Funny thing is I thought that this was just another "blah-blah-yeah-right" internet joke, but it works.
Here is the DL link.

How to install cheats on your PSP

1.)File can be downloaded here

2.)Select a CW Cheat program that is compatible with your Custom Firmware version (CFW).

3.)After downloading, Extract it using WinRar and there will be 2 INSTALL folders ,one is INSTALL 3.90 and INSTALL.(mine is 3.90, this is only an example)

4.)If you're using 3.90,put the seplugins folder from INSTALL 3.90 in the root of your memory stick.if you are using a CFW other than 3.90,put the seplugins folder from INSTALL in the root of your memory stick.

5.)Turn off your PSP (not suspend)

6.)Press and hold the R button.(do not turn on your PSP yet!)

7.)Hit the power may now release the R button.

8.)Instead of seeing the normal PSP Startup logo a different a prompting screen will appear.Select "Plugins"

9.)Enable cwcheat.prx [GAME] and cwcheatpops.prx [POPS] and exit recovery mode. (dont forget to save changes)

10.)To activate cheats, start a game normally.In game, press and hold select for a…

Hello World!

Hello everyone! This site is all about Gaming Tips and Tricks and PC / Internet How to's. Please visit my site regularly to get a dose of useful tips on your digital life. Welcome to Digital Bauble.