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Starcraft 2 (II) Cheats

Just wanted you guys to know that I have just installed one of my favorite game titles for the PC. I believe most of you already know Starcraft, made by Blizzard Entertainment Group way back in the 90's and recently i have been playing this game for hours man! boom! what do you expect from a big game creator? just what I have expected. great graphics, gameplay, and I am sure this will provide you with hours of fun. But sometimes when things get rough for you, you'll end up scratching your head and say, "What the hell? This game is hard and I need some cheats." Fret no more. I just googled out some cheats for this game.
Result Cheat Code God modeterribleterribledamage 5 million credits in single player campaignwhysoserious 5,000 gasrealmendrilldeep 5,000 mineralsstroaksmolts 5,000 minerals and gassmoldersbolds +1 weapon, armor, and shield upgradeiamironman Extra research pointswapboinkers Fast buildbasestarsprimative Fast healfsbcomunicacion Units do not cost resourcesmoredotsmo…