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How to speed up Internet Connection

How to speed up internet connection

Are you experiencing slow internet connection? Wanting to download that game / software you've always wanted? You are not alone because I personally have encountered this and as a result I searched the net for a solution, It's a simple tool called Download Accelerator Plus. It's about 10mb size but the download is worth the wait. It increases your download speeds up to 5x. Funny thing is I thought that this was just another "blah-blah-yeah-right" internet joke, but it works.
Here is the DL link.


  1. My connection right now is the SUN unlimited kit. Technically it's dependent to the signal that I have. They say that it's up to 3.5 mb but I don't really think they're living by their words. I will surely try this and hope that it'll work for me.

  2. Same here. Huawei Sun Broadband. 3.6mbps connection. Heard they are limiting connections on downloads,and torrents.DAP actually connects to the server 5x so the speed becomes 5x as well.


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