Sunday, August 30, 2009

Final Fantasy Dissidia

Ok i admit it...I didn't log on to the net yesterday because I just got my own copy this game from Square Enix. What the heck is Final Fantasy Dissidia all about?

Final Fantasy Dissidia is an action RPG/fighting game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation Portable as part of the campaign of the Final Fantasy series 20th anniversary. The game features characters from different Final Fantasy games and centers around a great conflict between the heroes and villains, as the god of discord, Chaos, tries to wrest control of their worlds from the forces of good. -Wikipedia

Why did I not log in yesterday? Because this game Final Fantasy Dissidia is probably the best game i have ever played for the PSP because of it's complex detailed graphics, adrenaline pumping pace, diverse storyline, and it's replayability could be endless ( it has many battle modes to choose from, not to mention online mode) in short, it kicks some a**!! My rating 5/5 stars!

Here are the list of characters :

From Hero Villain
Final Fantasy Warrior of Light Garland
Final Fantasy II Firion The Emperor
Final Fantasy III Onion Knight Cloud of Darkness
Final Fantasy IV Cecil Harvey Golbez
Final Fantasy V Bartz Klauser Exdeath
Final Fantasy VI Terra Branford Kefka Palazzo
Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife Sephiroth
Final Fantasy VIII Squall Leonheart Ultimecia
Final Fantasy IX Zidane Tribal Kuja
Final Fantasy X Tidus Jecht
Final Fantasy Dissidia Cosmos Chaos

There are 2 more characters from FFXI and FFXII which is Shantotto and Gabranth respectively, but I haven't had a clue on how to unlock them yet X_X

Gameplay :

After 10 hours of playing yesterday, I have fully uncovered all the game has to offer :

1.) Story Mode - which enables you to play and level all of the heroes on their own storylines. This is necessary because this is the time you can avail of most of the characters equipments, accessories, and abilities.

2.) Arcade Mode - Use pre-set characters to run a gauntlet of battles. Good thing is, you also gain prizes which you can retain and use it on Online Mode and Story huh?

3.) Quick Battle - Engage in customizable one-on-one battles against the computer. It has experiences and prizes too.

4.) Communications Mode - Final Fantasy Dissidia adpoted the system of the Monster Hunter Franchise, using exchange of "Friend Cards" with players and play with them. Friend cards are your ID in online mode, in which others can track your playing style, game progress, and the best thing is, once you already exchanged cards with a friend, they can fight your character at home "Ghost mode" or a simulation of your character depending on your fighting style!

To all the gamers and FF fanatics over there! I encourage you to have Final Fantasy Dissidia on your PSP's. Imagine having all of the characters of the Final Fantasy Series, all in one game? What more can you ask for?


  1. Though I haven't got a PSP, I heard from my friends this is an awesome game with blend of RPG and fighting genre
    Square Enix has again done a really good job!

  2. Played it when the JPN version is out. Nice review there though I don't think it should be 5/5 stars, maybe a bit lesser.

    I tried to explain to mechanics a year ago here:

    Perhaps you'd already figured it out :p

  3. Darmawan : if you have enjoyed any kind of game and you feel like you don't want to quit playing that thing, that is the feeling when you play this one.

  4. Faylar : well, maybe I will discover more of it's flaws when i've played this game a little bit longer, 5/5 is maybe just my exaggeration so as to add to the hype...hehehe