Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to download saved games on your PSP Memory Stick

There's only one thing that comes into your mind...FINISH that godd*mn game! I know there is no "thrill" on this, because downloading saved games are other's personalized efforts but hey, this is effective on most action games in which you will not bother if that player's name is "zzz" or "garegjfbgkeghireg". On my previous post, I taught people on how to install a cheat program on your PSP, but today, I will tell you a "neat" substitute if you don't want to play the game normally or just save some precious time.

Of course the first step is by googling "name of the game" followed by "save psp" or "game save". Or just visit Gamefaqs.com because many players upload their saved games there. Here is the screenshot on Gamefaqs

After clicking it will prompt you to save the zip file. To open the zip file, you need to download WinRar(www.winrar.com) or WinZip (www.winzip.com). Extract to a temporary folder and plug your PSP.

Access your memory stick and go to \\PSP\Savedata\

Notice that there are different folder names. Don't worry, it is all unique and it should match the filename of the zip you downloaded. If it doesn't, it just means that it is not compatible with your ISO game. Copy the saved game you have downloaded and you're all set!

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