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Free for All

Hi! It's me again...I just want all of you guys to know that i am planning to make Digital Bauble a blog that will cover almost anything of interest... (hope that Digital Bauble will still retain it's futuristic appeal on it's name by associating technology on my forthcoming articles..) The reason why I am extending my topics to general is that after reading Jehzlau's blog ( , he gave me the idea of optimizing my blog to be more searchable in google, But of course the content would still be relevant.


  1. Thanks for the mention :D

    Yep, you need to optimize your blog for specific keywords that suits your interest and write something "USEFUL" about it, so that you can help other people searching for that same thing. :)

    Btw, you should allow anonymous comments in your blog, so that non-blogspot users can also leave a comment here. ^_^

  2. Your welcome master jehzel. I can't believe my idol just commented on my page!

  3. Hello po, just added you to my blog list.. Aba naman napadaan si Jehzlau.


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