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How to upload Dissidia: Final Fantasy movies to YouTube

After a long September vacation playing Dissidia: Final Fantasy, I must say that I have finished the game and unlocked all of it's secrets. And today i want to share how you can upload your Battle Replays to YouTube. I know that some of you wants to show the world how you annihilated those opponents! So I am going to teach you how to submit your Vids to YouTube.

1.)At the end of each Normal Battle (except in fighting Chaos) press the square button to Save a Battle Replay.
2.) Go to Museum -> Battle Replay -> Convert Movie Files.
3.) Select a Replay and choose a conversion type. Low(30 mb), Standard Quality (51 mb), and HD (202 mb). I personally chose Low quality which is enough for YouTube. My 1 min. match video sized for about 28mb.
4.) The replay will play but obviously it is undergoing the encoding process so it is a bit slow.
5.) After that, the game will prompt you that recording is finished. You may now play the video on your PsP home menu.
6.)Access your memory card on your…