Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Convert AVI to MP4

If you have some AVI video files on your computer that you want to use with PSP, you can convert
it into smaller MP4 video files. To convert from AVI format to MP4 format you will need a video converter
namely the OJOSoft Total Video Converter. It is a very popular AVI to MP4 converter that you can find on
the CNET Download Center. It is easy to use and will quickly convert AVI to MP4.

Step 1
Get a video converter program. Download and install the OJOSoft Total Video Converter from the CNET Download Center
(http://www.download.com/). It is free for a trial period but you will need to pay to keep it.

Step 2
Load the AVI files. Open up the OJOSoft Total Video Converter on your computer and select the AVI files that you want to
convert by locating the "Input File Name" box on the screen and clicking the "Browse" button to select your AVI files.
Step 3
Set MP4 output. Locate the "To MP4" button on the toolbar and click on it to set your output as MP4 file format.

Step 4
Set the output destination. To select the destination on your computer that you want the new MP4 files saved to just click on
the "Browse" button by the "Output File Name" box and select the location on your computer.

Step 5
Convert to MP4. To convert from AVI to MP4 just click on the large button labeled "Convert" and the conversion process will
begin. A progress bar will fill so that you can watch the progression. Click "OK" when the files complete the conversion and
you can use the new files. Enjoy!

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