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Hp Mini 1109

Hello again.... today i would like to talk about my netbook, the HP Mini 1109 (HP Mini 1100 series). It's been a month now since i bought this thing (July) and i want to share my experiences to you guys if you are planning to buy a netbook. First of all, I don't memorize the specs =) so I googled for it's detailed notes (source HP)

Stylishly designed for elegance on the go, the HP Mini-1109TU 10.1 inch Netbook is ultra-lightweight but with the storage flexibility of the HP Mini Mobile Drive. Featuring a near full-sized keyboard for ease of typing and a 10.1-inch screen for great visibility, the HP Mini gives you endless possibilities for connecting anywhere. Comes with a 1.60GHz Intel Atom Processor N270 and an 80GB hard drive.

Tech Specs

HP Mini-1109TU 10.1-inch Netbook
Processor: Intel Atom Processor N270 (1.60GHz, 512KB L2, 533Mhz FSB)
Chipset: Intel 945GSE + ICH7M, 533MHz FSB
Display: 10.1-inch Diagonal WSVGA HP Brightview Infinity Display (1024 x 600)
Hard Drive: 80GB (4200RPM) Hard Drive
Optical Drive: No internal optical drive
Networking: 802.11a/b/g WLAN + Bluetooth; Integrated 10/100BASE-T Ethernet LAN (RJ-45 connector)
Modem: None
Card Expansion: None
Media Reader: 2-in-1 integrated Digital Media Reader for Secure Digital cards & MultiMedia cards
Ports: 2x USB 2.0, RJ-45/Ethernet, Headphone/microphone combo jack, 30W AC Adapter, Integrated VGA webcam
Software: Microsoft Works, MS Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player
Battery: 3-Cell Lithium Polymer (26Whr)
Weight: Starting at 1.09 kg
Dimensions: 261.6 x 166.6 x 25.13mm
Speakers: HD Audio, stereo speakers, integrated microphone
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home


The first reason why I bought an HP Mini netbook is because of it's design. It's black and looks like an Ipod which is very smooth and striking. The second is the price. Most of the Hp Mini netbooks comes with a Windows XP, and I only bought this model for Php 18,900, to think that Windows XP could cost you around 5,000 alone. The third is it's portability. The Hp Mini is very small and lightweight, weighs less than your standard English Textbook, The LCD monitor is 10.1 inches wide and boasts a stunning display and sharpness. The keys are large surprisingly large (Before I was hesitant to buy a netbook because I thought that it's keyboard is fit for dwarfs and the like!)

The sound is loud and crisp for a netbook. What more can I say?


Of course there are cons. I don't want to be biased because the purpose of this post is to share my experiences with potential buyers of this netbook. But don't worry it's just some minor flaws in which IMHO HP needs to work out on. First is it's short battery life. The HP Mini is packaged with a 3 cell battery which gives you about 1 1/2 hours of battery life, which is not for the Burger King-Mall WiFi peeps (heh). The Hp Mini also has limited resolution, which is not intended for gaming. But of course flash games, Window-based games, and some online games that support 1024x576 and 640x480 resolution works fine like Ragnarok Online and Ran.

So it's 5 pro's vs. 2 cons. That makes the HP Mini a superior competitor on the netbook era. So, if you are planning to get a netbook, you might want to consider putting Hp Mini on your list, a netbook that is packed with features, easy on the budget, and comes with a great after-sales service warranty.
For more pics, google search is located on the upper right portion of my blog.


  1. thanks for the review, im actually planning to purchase a mini notebook myself and your review gave me valuable insight. thanks! :)

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  3. i appreciate it erlyn.happy netbook hunting!

  4. Markotics this is a nice site. I am currently reading about it and i will give you a feedback later on.Thanks!

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  6. This is my bet too. This surely is on my list, along with Asus (forgot the model). Thanks for your input.

    I'm just bothered with 3-cell battery. I don't think it can accommodate my long hours of abusive use. I wish they also have versions that do have a 6-cell battery. heheh

    Anyway, thanks for this very helpful article.

  7. actually they have, this hp mini has a newer version that comes with a 6-cell battery and 160gb HD. i think it goes around 23k PHP. cmon rich gal...hehehe


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