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Psycho-Emotional Self. How will you control your temper?

I have the tendency to get offended sometimes and on rare occasions, I can lose my temper. I think it is normal for a human being to lose their cool sometimes. I guess I can work on controlling my temperament more, in order to efficiently deal with people and avoid future conflicts. My action plans would be
1.) Listen to what others are saying – I know when you lose your temper you have the tendency to “Not listen anymore”, and the other person might have a point on what he/she wants to say. If you don’t know how to listen and to address their concern, chances are the argument will continue and there will be no negotiation that is going to happen.
2.) Learn to understand – So if I manage to listen to the person I am in conflict with, I must learn to understand more of their needs. I need to learn if their need is manageable to work out. If the answer is yes, then I need to give way to their point and learn to understand their feelings. Sometimes things don’t really go after yo…
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Spotify, the new Grooveshark

Spotify, the new Grooveshark! (move over)

Reasons this player rules the world:

Play almost everything on the flyFacebook account integration. No need to sign up.Remembers your music, and suggests related artists which lets you discover new musicIt's like having your own iTunes with all the world's music in it. It's free, I don't mind having ads on it. (It's a small frame on the window anyway)

How to view your Android device on Desktop PC


I haven't written any tips for quite a while but today, I am going to teach you how to view your Android device's screen in your own desktop computer. Here are the steps:

1.) Download the main app, which is called "Droid @ screen" google it or here is the current link

2.) Go to to download the latet SDK tool (IMPORTANT). This is the necessary file which the Droid @ Screen uses. Unzip the file to a directory somewhere in your PC.

3.) Open the Droid @ Screen app, then it prompts you to go the the SDK folder, asks for the ADB executable which is found in /platform-tools directory.

There you have it. Let me know what you guys think. Comment, Share, and Subscribe. Thanks!

Temple Run 2 : now on Android!

Another great game from Imangi studios..
A Sequel to the successful hit Temple run, now on Android play store...for FREE again! (cheers)

This game can entertain you for hours and hours without forcing you to pay just to progress. A must have app get it now!!!

Diablo 3 Gold Profit Calculator

Finally! here is my latest work named Diablo 3 Gold Profit Calculator for all those D3 enthusiasts who wishes to monitor their expenses in Diablo 3! Whether you are just a gold buyer, or a budding trader who wishes to earn in Diablo 3 by buying and selling gold from merchants! This tool is for you! It is written in MS Excel 2010 format and is still in its beta format. Please feel free to take a look at the file and hope you find it useful. Thank you!


If you are happy with the file, please don't hesitate to share the wealth to others
or donate to my site, Thanks!

Thank You, Sun Broadband (Digitel Philippines) for a wonderful service!

This post goes out to all of Sun Broadband (Digitel Philippines) and its management team for giving out a great service to all of its subscribers. Honestly, I was not satisfied with the speeds they are providing before (way back in 2009) and I recently reapplied for a broadband stick plan that fits my budget and has minimal requirement for bandwidth(emails), but I have never thought recently that watching YouTube, surfing websites has greatly improved since then. Thank you Sun, for the affordable and fast connection. More Power!

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