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How to Download the entire English Wikipedia on your PC and access it offline

Hello my friends, today Im on a tight schedule and I rarely log in to my blogger account. I just want to share you guys how to download the "Sum of Worlds knowledge" and access it anytime without an internet connection, right at your fingertips!

Whether you are a student, who cares about money to save. A backpacker who brings a laptop on top of the mountain, or a regular guy who just doesn't wanna spend a penny logging into the net just to search for a particular topic. This article is for you.

First things first, the entire wikipedia (EN) is about 8+ gb in size, and it becomes 13gb when uncompressed and indexed. So you really need patience in downloading this large chunk of file. Things you need are.

1.) An internet download manager. If you dont have one yet, there are many free apps offered on the net, just google it.

2.) Wiki Taxi - this program reads the database that you have downloaded.

3.) The English Wikipedia (or any database that suits your local language, smaller compared to English Wikipedia)

First, type in, or Google "Wikipedia Dump", once you are inside the page, look for pages-articles.xml.bz2 this is the file that you want.

Second, after hours of waiting time, your efforts will finally pay off. Download the latest WikiTaxi on

Inside WikiTaxi, kindly read the opening screen on how to index the file that you have downloaded. It's pretty easy, trust me.

Third, nothing much to talk about. You now have the World's Knowledge, bring it to your school or in a quiz show. Show them how you became a God!!!!!


Digitalbauble, Apr 2012


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