Monday, April 23, 2012

Electronic Cigarettes, E juice / E liquid, and Accessories

Shipping from the Philippines!

Everything you need on Electronic Cigarettes. Only the best electronic Cigarettes.

Kits, Juices, Drip Tips, Atomizers, and Accessories.

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  1. Hmm... You're shipping from the to where exactly? Do you ship to other countries as well? Where do you get your e-cig supplies come from?

  2. I get it from a local supplier here in the Philippines named Puff Daddy's. I am just a reseller of them and They get their supplies from China. I currently do not ship outside the Philippines due to problems in customs may arise like what I have experienced before.

  3. I should edit the "Shipping from the Philippines!" line to "Shipping anywhere in the Philippines!" soon to avoid confusion :)

  4. Due to the odorless nature of the Electronic Cigarettes, you are able to smoke it just about anywhere. It has been used in bars, pubs, night clubs, restaurants, casinos, hotels, airports and more.

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  5. E-Cigarettes are not harmful to the human body like traditional cigarettes. It is a myth that E-Cigarettes contains cancer causing chemicals. Best E-liquid for e-cigarette

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