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Magic the Gathering Online : Hotkeys Revisited

Hi guys, today I just want to quote something I have found on the Wizards Community website. It is all about the long forgotten hotkeys, yes HOTKEYS.. You might have been missing something as a veteran player if you don't memorize these keys by heart. Or if you are a beginner, this will be helpful in your progress in your MTGO career, to hasten up your matches and not be defeated due to "time-over" crucial games. Well here it is, hope you find this useful!

"The release build of Magic Online that introduced Saviors of Kamigawa brought with it several shortcuts They are performed in response to keypress combinations, as they are listed here:

F2 – Click OK

F3 – Remove all Autoyields, including Auto Yes, and Auto No; Override F4 / F6

F4 - I’m done, but give me a chance to plays spells or abilities if something happens I can respond to. If you press it during your turn and have creatures that can attack, the game will pause during the declare attackers phase. Once you attack or respond to something, the effect of F4 is cancelled and you have to press it again if you still don’t want to do anything that turn.

F5 – Lets you briefly look at your face-down cards.

F6 – Yield to everything until End of Turn (EOT). I’m really done. Don’t prompt me again this turn, no matter what happens. You are still prompted if you have to make choices.

F7 – Until the end of the current game, put all triggers with the same text that trigger at the same time on the stack automatically if they do not target. For example, if you have three creatures with bushido that all are blocked at the same time, this will place all the bushido triggers on the stack without having to click to choose the order.

F8 – Pass priority for the rest of the game if you are unable to do something. Also known as “no bluffing”.

F9 – Yes

F10 – No

Alt+PageUp– Expand the Duel chatbox in both width and height. More lines of text will be shown.
Alt+PageDown– Shrink the Duel chatbox’s width and height. Less lines of text will be shown.
Alt+Y– Push the Yes button shown when making a choice for a spell or ability.
Alt+N– Push the No button shown when making a choice for a spell or ability.
Alt+U or Ctrl+Z – Undo a mana tap

Holding Ctrl while playing a spell or ability lets you respond to it.

Chat commands

You can mark yourself as being away from your computer by typing /away message in any chat window, where the message is what you want to tell other users. Your status and message will be displayed in the chat area of the room you're in. Any players who try to send you private messages will get an automatic reply telling them that you're away, but you'll still receive their messages. When you return to your computer, just type /away to show that you're back.

For example, if a player with the user name Bob types /away running a marathon, the message Bob is away - running a marathon appears in the room the player is in. When the player returns and types /away, the message Bob is back. is sent to that room.

You can send a chat message that starts with your user name by typing /me message in a chat window. For example, if a player with the user name Bob types /me thinks Magic Online is the best game ever in any chat area, the message Bob thinks Magic Online is the best game ever appears.

You can start or join a group chat by typing /join room name in any chat area. For example, if Bob typed /join Wombats rule! then a private message window with the name Wombats rule! would appear on Bob's screen. Other players could join that chat by typing /join Wombats rule!

You can also add a player to your buddy list at any time by typing /addbuddy name. If the player's name has a space in it, put quotation marks around it, /addbuddy "player name".

You can go to the room that a player is in by typing /goto name. If the player's name has a space in it, put quotation marks around it, /goto "player name".

In a multiplayer game, players can opt to eject another player from the game by typing /eject name. If the player's name has a space in it, put quotation marks around it, /eject "player name.""

Magic the Gathering® and Magic the Gathering Online® are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, LLC. All rights reserved.


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