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Hot Weather here in the Philippines

Hello everyone,

You might have noticed that my blogging days had a hiatus. My last post was sometime September - October 2009. It was mainly due to heavy workload at the office , some transitions happened and maybe today onwards is the time I could go back writing here at the net. It's not because the changes stopped but the reason is when I come back home from work at around 7 - 8am and sleep at 10 am, I usually wake up at 2pm. Imagine having 4-5 hours of sleep a day because of the extreme heatwave we are experiencing now in the Philippines. 2 days ago we had our "hottest day record of 39 C in the northern part of the country, and 36.8 C here in Metro Manila if im not mistaken. Maybe investing in an airconditioner is the answer? we'll see. :) But to think that i'll spew around 10-12,000 in having one around the summer.hmmm in not rich! and when I get some 8 hrs of sleep and not wake up in the afternoon, chances are I am not able to write blogs again because of time constraints at work (again). But heck, "I will just recover my sleep on weekends!" not a good idea? Shout-outs to Markotics. Live life to the fullest! :)


  1. @Digital - Thanks for the shoutout. I feel you, man. Actually, I was also having the same thing - I have work at night and I get up around noon? Hahaha. Anyways, kudos to you brother for writing yet another interesting article.


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