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Final Fantasy Dissidia Cheats

Finally, some cheats for the game Final Fantasy Dissidia.These doesn't give you "direct" godly powers but will just let you fight GHOST players in which you can obtain high level weapons recipes to make such, if you know what I mean....(note that this works for the North American Version only!)

Unlock Extra Ghost Data and RecipesFrom the Main Menu, select "Communications Mode", then "Friend Card Settings". Select the "Edit Message" button. Erase all of your message, and then type in the password code. Upon hitting start, you will see a popup accepting your password. (Your Friend Card Message will then reset to how it was prior to entering the password). To fight Ghost Data, go to the "Offline Lobby" and select a Friend Card, then click "Ghost Battle".
Password & Effect
582052436 Chocobo (FF5) Icon
134103103 Moogle (FF5) Icon
870322642 Capricorn Recipe
3927540667 Aquarius Recipe
531062973 Pisces Recipe
3939258263 Matoya Friend Card (Level 100 Warrior of Light Ghost Data)
2748173856 Ninja Friend Card (Level 100 Onion Knight Ghost Data)
20151231 Siegfried Friend Card (Level 100 Kefka Ghost Data)
3784227940 Vivi Friend Card (Level 100 Kuja Ghost Data)
1298228499 Auron Friend Card (Level 100 Jecht Ghost Data)
29432971 Fusoya Friend Card (Level 100 Golbez Ghost Data)
827669534 Behemoth-The Emperor (Lv. 74)-Wyvern Egg, Blade of the Damned
8672142937 Yuffie -Cloud (Lv. 45)-Snowboard
4797837576 Shantotto-Shantotto (Lv. 31)-Automaton Parts
1191170358 Ahriman-Cloud of Darkness (Lv. 52)-Gnomish Bread
3881459361 Icon Passwords(both give XIII Agito Icons)
4460725253 Icon Passwords(both give XIII Agito Icons)
6798067239 Aries Recipe-Miracle Shoes
897651643 Taurus Recipe-Ensanguined Shield
1137250106 Gemini Recipe-Dangerously Lucky
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  1. thanks for sharing. my husband will be thrilled with this.

  2. im surprised many people plays this game...hope he enjoys it!


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