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How to install free android apps

Hi everyone

I haven't written for a long time because i was very busy at work lately! ( yeah, back to real life mode). Well, i guess starting today I would be writing more often ( thanks to my new samsung galaxy tab) which will be my friend for a while because it acts like a pocket pc more than my ipod touch);  And today i have decided to write down a very handy tip for you android users out there, how to install free full version android apps!

Disclaimer: This post is intended only for educational purposes only. Do not scroll down and move away from this page if you believe that this is not for you.

Finally, after a week of learning all about android, I can say that it is pretty much like the apple os but it seems that you dont need to have your device to be jailbroken first before you can install downloaded program. Why? Because my i did not do anything with my device and just googled some apps, downloaded and installed it with my file manager and presto, you now have your free apps.

Ok, so you pretty much got the gist of it. Here are the steps to download and install free apps on your android device.

1.) Think of an app, or search the android market for cool apps and try it. If it is paid then this will beuseful for you.

2.) Google the name of the app like this " download [name of app] apk". Do not forget the extension apk since it will determine if it is an android application. Possible search hits will come out of file sharing sites. ( Mediafire, 4shared, etc.) For best results, file name should contain the word "full" ao you might as well add it on your search string.

3.)Download the file and install it. Usually the system will automatically prompt you to install it. If not, you should have a download or file manager to explore it first.

Presto! You now have your full version app.


  1. I have just installed free apps on my Android, thank you for this install guide.


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